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How Often Should You Clean Your Pool?

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool

Do you have a pool in your home? Or are you considering having one in the near future? If so, one of the essential things that you need to know is how often should you clean your pool. Having a pool in your home has a lot of advantages. Not only is it fun, but swimming is also an excellent form of exercise. Nonetheless, owning a pool comes with a set of responsibilities — with cleaning being one of them. A clean pool will ensure that it looks good and is free from dirt or harmful bacteria. Below is a quick guide on how often you should clean your in ground pool or above-ground so that it is ready for summer.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool?

On A Daily Basis

Depending on how frequently you use your pool or where it is located, a pool should be cleaned on a daily basis. The cleaning should entail debris and leaf removal. You can expect to find insects and other different critters on top of the surface as well.

To remove these things, you will need a pool net/skimmer. Just skim the net over the surface of the pool and remove debris. Also, don’t forget to empty the strainer baskets. This aids in regulation of circulation. Failure to clean a pool on a daily basis can result in small pieces of dirt building up, thus making it more difficult to clean.

Once a Week

Pick one day in a week to vacuum and clean the tiles. Vacuuming greatly helps in making the pool water clear. If your pool water isn’t clear, then that’s a visible indication that your pool is dirty. Vacuuming of pools has been made easier with the introduction of automatic vacuums that do the task all by themselves. If you do own a manual vacuum, then you should make time to sweep it over the surface.

At times, algae may develop on the tiles. It’s your duty to clean the tiles from algae or any other residue. You can use a brush to clean the tiles. However, pick a brush with strong thistles. This will make your work easier. Clean tiles make your pool look clean and tidy. Since this task requires a lot of effort and time, you should do it once every week. Preferably on weekends.

Every Season

There are also some cleaning tasks that have to be carried out every season. One of them is the cleaning of the filter. Winter can be an exception because not most people use their pools during this time. Nonetheless, during fall, summer or autumn, you should make time to clean the filter. You should note that your pools filtration system is quite essential. If you find yourself unfamiliar with the pool filter, it’s best to get help from a pool professional such as Next Level Pool Services that offers weekly cleaning services and can even repair your pool.

Bottom Line

Although swimming pools are a great addition to any home, it’s also crucial to know how to maintain them. Owning a pool comes with its own set of responsibilities, which includes keeping it clean. So, how often should you clean your pool then? Depending on how frequently you use your pool and where it’s located, it’s best to skim your pool on a daily basis and vacuum and brush it weekly. Don’t forget to measure your chlorine levels. Changing the pool’s filter can then be done seasonally.

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